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The Brainwave Optimization® process begins with an assessment to create a custom starting place for your unique brain. Most clients will begin with a series of

five to ten two-hour sessions usually over a course of

two to five days.  Some clients may notice a shift within

a few sessions. At the end of the week a client can see

how their own brain has started moving itself towards a more flexible state. Frequently, some of the most

meaningful benefits are experienced several weeks

to months after sessions are completed

Non-Invasive Sensors
Read-only, non-invasive sensors relay your
brainwaves at extremely high-resolution to our
proprietary computer software.

Acoustic Brain Mirror


Our advanced measurement devices

and sophisticated software algorithms

produce a sound based mirror

of your brain’s activity in real time.

Engineered Sound


The sounds were recorded by Grammy Award-winning artists, with engineered sound envelopes to enhance

the resonant mirroring process.

Wave-Aid Support


We provide you with our patented Wave-Aid® process,

with natural ambient sounds, to help the brain perpetuate and sustain your results.